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About I-N-I


The Iniversal Development Of Ras Tafari, Inc. (IDOR) is a nonprofit cultural and socio-spiritual community service and development organization located in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland

The organization has a 3-tiered governing structure comprised of the following:




IDOR's Elder Council

IDOR’s Elder Council provides wise council and instructions to the organization's leadership, members and support-community. The Elders represents the hierarchy of traditional African communities, and their knowledge and experiences are building blocks within the structure of our community organization. Members of the Elders Council are as follows:

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  • Elder Ras I-RICE:  Ras I-Rice is a founding member of IDOR, a renown oral historian and member of the Elder Executive Council, as well as IDOR’s first President.  Ras I-Rice has over 60 years of service to Ras Tafari and is a respected member of the international Ras Tafari community.  He co-authored the Ras Tafari language (IVAR), and was part of the 1989 delegation of Ras Tafari Elders who visited the Northeastern United States.

  •  Nana Mother Farika Berhane:  Mother Farika is a founding member of IDOR, published author, journalist, poet, literacy specialist, and educator. She was also IDOR’s first Executive Director.  In 2007, Nana Farika retired from her formal office on the Elder’s Council, but remains a valuable adviser to the organization, and an active, vibrant member of the Washington, D.C. Pan African community.

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  • Elder Baba Ras Marcus:  Baba Ras Marcus is an oral historian, poet, musician, community activist and founding member of IDOR. Elder Ras Marcus was IDOR’s first treasurer. He is a co-author of the Ras Tafari language and was featured on the Ras Tafari Nyah Binghi Elder’s CD.

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  • Dr. Ras Wayne Rose: is the Chairman of IDOR’s Board of Directors.   He is a Historian, Lecturer, Ras Tafari Cultural Expert

      and Community Organizer.

  • Dr. Deena Marie Beresford: Dr. Beresford (Sis Wolete) is the current President of IDOR. She is a Library Scientist, researcher and Entrepreneur.

  • Brother John Senior: Brother John Senior is IDOR’s Vice President. He is the co-owner of Washington D.C.’s premier Caribbean Takeout Restaurant, Spicy Delight. Brother John also co-Chair of IDOR’s Community Forum.

  • Sister Pauline Senior: Sister Pauline Senior (Sister P) is IDOR’s Treasurer and Chairman of IDOR’s Fundraising Committee. Sister P is also co-owner of Washington D.C.’s premier Caribbean Takeout Restaurant, Spicy Delight.

  • Sister Gehnet Rose: Sister Gehnet is IDOR’s Administrative Secretary, and a youth Organizer. She was a former President of the Caribbean Student Council at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.      

  • Dej. Kwasi Bonsu, Esq.: Attorney Dej. Kwasi Bonsu is a founding member of IDOR, a Board Member, and serves on IDOR’s Legal Committee. Dej Kwasi is also the initiator and cochair of IDOR’s Community Forum.

  • Dej. George A. Rose, Esq.: Attorney Dej. George Rose is a founding member of IDOR, a Board Member and Legal Counsel for the organization. Dej George iChairs IDOR’s Publishing Committee.

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  • Elder Ras Carlton Ellis: Ras Carlton is a vibrant member of the Washington D.C. community. He is a valuable adviser and participant in Ras Tafari worship protocols and rituals. 

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  • Thea Brown:  Sister Thea joined IDOR’s Board of Directors in 2008 and served as the Representative of ‘Sistren affairs.’ She later served as IDOR’s Vice President and Secretary. Sister Thea is Chemical Engineer, and a business entrepreneur.

  • Ras Nyah: Ras Nyah is a member of IDOR’s Board and an active and valuable participant on IDOR’s local Elder’s care team. Ras Nyah also host regular Nyah Binghi rituals in his East Baltimore community

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