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In 2007 IDOR established the Elder’s Medical Emergency Project. The program was established in response to the urgent need of the pioneering elders living in Shashemane Ethiopia. Under the leadership of IDOR's International Representative, IDOR created a Fund to pay for Emergency services for the community Elders. In 2008 the project transitioned to the Elder’s Medical Program (EMP) and the focus shifted from an emergency fund to providing comprehensive health care services to the selected Elders in Ethiopia. The Elder’s Medical Program is now a dynamic program that provides health screening and protective services for Elder’s and a small stipend for its Ethiopian caregivers. Funding for the project has been sustained though the power of the Most High, the local Baltimore/Washington Ras Tafari communities and the goodwill contributions from local, international and Ethiopian-based donors.


All donations for this Project can be made directly through IDOR's PayPal account, linked to the "Donate" button on our homepage. Ones can also contact us at:, or by calling 443-873-2279.​

Shashemene Elders Medical Project Downloadable Power Point Presentation

Ancients of Days in Shashamane 

Approximate Cost for Monthly Care Package for Cost of Living,

Medical/health care & Support Needs

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