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Ras Tafari Community Yearly Events


IDOR carries out certain activities to advance it's mission and build up the organization infrastructure of IDOR. 

January 7 - Ethiopian Christmas Celebration

March 1 – Battle Adwa Celebration
April 3- Empress Menan Earthlight Ises

April 21-H.I.M. visit to the Caribbean - Grounation Day

May 5 – Ethiopian Victory Day

May 25 - African Liberation Day
July 23, - H.I.M. Earth Light Ises
August 18- Marcus Garvey and other African Hero's Day

September 11 - Ethiopian New Years Day
November 2 – H.I.M. Coronation Celebration

Up Coming Events
  • Nyahbinghi Ises - Every 1st & 3rd Saturday @ Binghi Nyah's Gate.  Generally starting @ 9pm.


  • What Life Has Taught Me" - A film Screening on the Life & Works of Ras Tafari Legend, Mortimer   Planno. STAY TUNED FOR DATE AND UPDATES.
Request A Speaker / Presenter on Ras Tafari  Culture & Liviti

  • Academic Discourse

  • Cultural Discourse

  • Ras Tafari Positive Impact on Urban-Popular Culture

  • Rise of Ras Tafari without Proselytization

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