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Historic Address at the Organization of American States by Ras Tafari son, Ras Frank-I

It is with a deep sense of National and regional pride that IDOR salute the historic presentation of Ras Frank-I at the Organization of American States (OAS) on May 14, 2018. Ras Frank-I is an Ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda, and a pioneer in the regional and International Ras Tafari landscape.

Prior to Ras Frank-I’s presentation, Antigua’s Ambassador to the United States, Sir Ronald Michael Sanders narrated a very thoughtful and complimentary history on the sacrifices, contributions and ongoing works of Ras Tafari in Antigua. He also read a formal apology from his prime minister, Gaston Brown, for past government-sanctioned atrocities against Ras Tafari peoples of Antigua. After reading his government’s apology, Ambassador Sanders then, laid the historic platform for Ras Frank-I to address the OAS and by extension, the peoples of the world community. It was truly a memorable occasion.

Ras Frank-I greeted his peers on the world platform in the name of “Haile Selassie the First, acknowledged as the Divine inspiration of the Ras Tafari Nation.” He then gave a memorable narration on the legacy, sacrifices and future vision on Ras Tafari.

IDOR joins the millions of Ras Tafari followers and supporters who see Ras Frank-I’s ascendancy and presentation at the OAS as a net-positive for the Movement.

Unfortunately, some observers have framed this historic occurrence as a challenge and perhaps, a blow to the Jamaican Ras Tafari historical leadership. Some have also made reasonable arguments on a very bad thesis, that being, the historical dynamics of Jamaican social and political relations with Ras Tafari solely are to be blamed for the lack of traction in the government’s promotion of Jamaican Ras Tafari individuals on the international political scene. More so, they argue that the issue is primarily about the promotion of Ganga-economics at the table of international affairs.

Again, those arguments seem reasonable on face value, but they lack accountability on the complicity of some Jamaican Ras Tafari individuals and organizations who have placed personal interest above the efforts of unity and collectivism. In the recent past, some facets of the Jamaican Ras Tafari elite, balked at efforts of unity and reasonable compromises. Instead, they toil to promote self-interest, and personal influence above the spirit of collaboration and a constructive, united national and international platform.

Today, some of those individuals are blaming historical actors and institutions who played a role in stemming the tide of state brutality against Ras Tafari, as the primary culprits in the current lack-luster response of the Jamaican government to promoting a Jamaican Ras Tafari international mandate, including a fair stake for Ras Tafari in Ganga economics.

IDOR acknowledges that partial truths are also partial lies and encourages the regional and global Ras Tafari Family to dismiss partiality, and to acknowledge and address our complicity in the current stagnation of our expected goals and aspirations. Failure is never an option, but stagnation, at least within the Jamaican Ras Tafari sociopolitical context, seems to be the new order of things on the Island.

IDOR encourages that while we all agitate for MORE, we must collaborate with ALL our assets, including those most prepared to represent our struggle on National and International platforms. IDOR also encourages us to strategize on what the historic endeavor of the government of Antigua and Barbuda can do for Global Ras Tafari initiatives.

More so, IDOR encourages us to celebrate the rise of Ras Tafari and Ras Tafari achievements, wherever they occur, including the historic achievements of Ras Frank-I, son of Ras Tafari!!!


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