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New Energies, Good Results: IDOR's "Senior" Fundraising Team

Thanks to the meticulous planning and visionary initiative of IDOR’s Treasurer and Fundraising Chair, Sister Pauline Senior, IDOR’s inaugural Dinner Fundraiser was an overwhelming success!

The prospects for future successful events have exponentially increased with the hands-on management style of Treasurer Senior. Sister P, as she is affectionately known, and her life and business partner, Brother John Senior has brought tremendous enthusiasm to IDOR's Mission. They have also brought over 25 years of business experience, increased transparency, and accountability to IDOR's Treasury and Executive Team.

IDOR welcomes the "Senior Team" and look forward to their continued services in the Vineyard of Goodness!

Sister Pauline and IDOR’s Vice President, Brother John Senior are the owners of Spicy Delight, Washington D.C.’s premier Caribbean Takeout food services provider.

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