• Dr. Ras Wayne A. Rose, P.hD.

IDOR's Reflection on The Movement of Ras Tafari

Greetings One & All.

On this 55th anniversary since the establishment of African Liberation Day, declared by His Imperial Majesty in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I am pleased to report that from IDOR’s perspective, the stage of Ras Tafari liberation, development and growth continues to be progressive, dynamic and unstoppable!

Ras Tafari dynamic progression is occurring in multiple phases, including national, regional and international ascensions to areas of prominence. Ras Tafari is organizing, centralizing, and making good faith efforts at consolidating and uniting within the ethos of GOODNESS. Ras Tafari has also advocated for and elevated its women to their earned and natural spaces as matriarchs and joint protectors of the Movement.

Through its youth and some of its morally progressive leaders, Ras Tafari is also challenging some of the old narratives, superficial optics, and imposed barriers to its natural progression. In the past, those imposed barriers chained the Movement to observer-status, and musical commentators on political and social calamities that infected our world. Today, while still participating in the spaces of commentators on social and political issues, Ras Tafari is also, inserting personnel and its physical presence in local, regional and international sociopolitical arenas; thereby declaring its moral relevance to the world.

The past imposed barriers also prevented some good people who were willing and prepared to collaborate with and strengthen the mission of the Movement from doing so. Many felt ostracized and, or, intimidated by some of the particularities developed by past leaders. Some of those particularities served the purpose of defining a religious orthodoxy within the various Houses and Mansions of the Movement; others simply served the purpose of accruing power to the leaders themselves. The particularities have served their purposes and are now being examined for future utility, or harm to the Movement. Those that remain necessary and good will have continued use, but those that are oppressive will face the collective’s judgment…FIRE!!!

For many ones in and outside of the Movement of Ras Tafari, the optics of this ongoing process may seem messy, confusing and lacking direction. However, for those tasked with the mandate of leadership within the Movement, the process is inevitable, inadvertent, and necessary. It is all part of the natural progression of the Movement, which although incomplete, is already bearing fruits of goodness. It is also consistent with the mandate given to all, by Our Ivine Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I, that InI ‘Organize, Centralize and Unite.’

The Iniversal Development Of Ras Tafari (IDOR) welcomes the ongoing and next phases of Ras Tafari growth and development. InI are prepared for the task and will continue to be leaders and collaborators in the path forward. ALL praise to Our Imperial Majesties, Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen Asfaw!!!

Ras Wayne Rose,

Our Majesties Obedient Servant

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