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IDOR 2018 - Ras Tafari Film Series

In recognition of the 30th anniversary since the formal invitations to, and visits by Ras Tafari Elders, Ras Pidow, Ras Shephan, Bongo Tawney, Bongo Bigga, Bongo Headful, Nana Farika, Mama Bubbles, Baba Ras Marcus, Ras Irice, and others, to the Washington, Baltimore and the Northeastern corridors of the United States, the Iniversal Development of Ras Tafari (IDOR) launched the 2018 ‘Ras Tafari Film Series.’ The 1988, and subsequent visits of the Ras Tafari Elders in 1989, and 1992, assisted in strengthening local Ras Tafari groups, clarified the ethos of the Movement, dismantle false narratives about the practitioners of the faith, and launched new hubs for the expansion of the Movement.

By launching its 2018 ‘Ras Tafari Film Series,’ IDOR seeks to inform on the trajectory of the Movement in the region, and to contextualize the Movement’s progression, victories and inherent challenges. The film series was launched on Grounation Day, April 21, 2018 at the Southwestern Branch of the District of Columbia library with the screening of “Jah Lives.” It was a tremendous success. Ras Tafari Matriarch Nana Farika, Brother Carl Phillpotts, and Dr. Jake Homiak presented historical narratives on the film, and on many of the its leading characters. IDOR’s president, Dr. Deena Beresford also served as a panelist, and presented information on the impact of the Elder’s (some of whom were featured in the film) visit on the regional trajectory of the Movement.

IDOR hosted the second screening of the film on Ethiopia’s Victory Day, May 5, 2018, at the Enoch Pratt Library, Waverly Branch in Baltimore Maryland. This screening was also very successful, and the discussions that followed were very engaging and informative. IDOR will continue regional screenings of the film, and is also prepared, upon request, to screen in schools, community centers, libraries and other public spaces in other regions. Please stay tuned to IDORHIM – iNews & iRieView! for schedule of IDOR’s next film in its 2018 series, “What Life Has Taught Me,” featuring the life and visions of Ras Tafari Philosopher, Mortimer Planno.

Special thanks to Dr. Homiak for providing access to the films from the archives of the Smithsonian Ras Tafari collections, and to the Enoch Pratt Library Waverly Branch Manager, Ms. Ann Marie Harvey for graciously facilitating IDOR’s request for screening space. Thanks also for the unwavering support of IDOR’s Executive Team, who continue to carry forward IDOR’s educational and community service Missions. GOODNESS is WINNING, RAS TAFARI is WINNING!!!

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