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Resist being Controlled. Resist!

Western slavery never really ended. It morphed into a forced system of economic volunteerism. 99.99% of earth’s population are in this voluntary servitude to the wealthy .001%. In every aspect of our lives, we are subjected to, or governed by a system of mind “CONTROL”. This system of control includes religion, class, race, economics, food, xenophobia and nativism. Spirituality, which is guided by our created religious rituals is now used as a tool of division and conflict between groups and individuals. Instead of celebrating our common aspirations towards goodness, our religions celebrate the brutal shedding of blood as the primary mean of human redemption. We must therefore resist the washed-out fables and religious superstitions that promote blood sacrifices for the redemption of our humanity. These fables are also responsible for the constancy of wars and strife across our earth.

Remember, all MAN is created equal with inalienable rights; the natural laws which cannot be transferred or taken away. The individual possesses sovereign rights over his or her self, to govern in goodness. But what is that Goodness? That goodness is ‘loving your neighbor, as you love yourself.’ Some things stretched, cannot go back to its old dimensions, so too is the mind stretched by new experiences and information can never go back to ignorance. There are some truths that the brain refuses to process. We tend to believe allegories and fictions over evidence of facts. We have been analog-ically programmed with antiquated and obsolete vice, we have not been able to think for self.

Many religions are used to put down dissent; accept and live, refuse and die. They seek to eradicate free will for a perfect obedience to their control. How can the heads of the religions, along with their political allies hold within their hands the very soul of the citizenry? By whose authority? Can man- kind be redeemed from this sophisticated system of control? Who can we trust? Not their gods, their god is money. Not their religious and political institutions? They have committed simony, the buying and selling of rites and rituals, even the power to command the Holy spirit. They have the influence and power to direct our behavior and determine the course of events or actions.

We must then, follow the teachings and life examples of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I when he admonished us to look into ourselves, and to the Almighty from within for solutions to our challenges. It is time we retake that power of control, reverse the role, return control to InI. Yes, we must resist. Say no, resist systems that are ruled by authoritarian hierarchies who eradicate free

will for a perfect obedience to their control. Some of us may need hypnosis to help us get from under their control, their incantations, and their spells of magic.

We need a critical mass. Concatenate, linking together like a chain; it is time. We will and must move by our own volition, by our own will, taking back the power to make your own decisions. Are you one in?

Govern In self-control.

I have the influence and power to direct I(my) behavior and determine the course of events and action. To check one‘s self, to test one’s self, to verify by evidence the ’Summum Bonum’ the ultimate good, the highest good, take back control of self. Resist and become critical thinkers, let us bring forth a new ideal. One that has no parallel.

Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist!

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