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  • Wayne Rose

Blessed Empress Menen Day!

A Word from IDOR's President: Dr. Deena Beresford

Beauty, Love, Motherhood, Fertility, Charity, Piety, Matriarchy, Social Justice, Royalty, Supreme Wombmanhood and she reigns predominant universally. 

On this day, the 129th year since her earthly revelation (born April 3, 1891 or 26 Magabit 1881), the IDOR Family acknowledges her character as Queen of Queens and Ras Tafari Jahess. Give thanks for her guiding light that daily illuminates our paths and keeps I n I grounded in the vineyard of goodness. All honor and glory unto Empress Menen Asfaw (Walatta Giyorgis) today and forIver. Blessed Earthlight .

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