• Wayne Rose

Ras Tafari Women in Leadership: Creating new paths to success!

The I-Niversal Development of Ras Tafari Inc. (IDOR) has elected Dr. Deena-Marie Beresford (Sister Wolete Selassie) as its new President. This is a monumental day in the organization’s history.

Dr. Beresford serves as a Branch Manager of one of Washington DC’s Public Libraries, and has over 25 years of active service in the Ras Tafari communities of New York, Florida and Baltimore/ Washington. Her very capable Vice President is Thea Brown-Dennis (Sister Thea), a DC based Civil Engineer. The new Presidential team is supported by a cadre of well qualified and very enthused Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland Ras Tafari Stalwarts. These include: Wolde Phillpotts (Secretary/Communications Chair), Ichelle Cole (Treasurer), and Garth Vickers (Assistant Treasurer).

2014 is certainly a year of many positives for the region’s Ras Tafari Family and IDOR in particular. The organization is celebrating 10 years since its establishment; Ten years since it commemorated the 1954 Royal visit of Emperor Hale Selassie I to the shores of America; and, the inauguration of its first Lioness (female) as President.

Among the first to congratulate the new President and her team was Ras Tafari Elder, Ras Irice Clarke. Father Irice was IDOR’s first President and he currently serves as its Executive Director. May the Power of the Trinity be manifested in the positive works of this new executive team, as they lead the organization to greater accomplishments! ALL Praises to Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen Asfaw!!

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